January 8th, 2014


Happy New Year from BellaVita

As the year ends, and a new year begins, people often reflect on the past year and think about all they are grateful for. For us at BellaVita, our relationship with you is one thing we treasure most.

We have already seen so many great things come as a result of your commitment to spread the beautiful life to your neighbors and loved ones. Along with the coming year will come a whole new set of opportunities and challenges, and as we work hard and persevere together, we will continue to see success in our mission of spreading the gift of health and financial security across the globe.

I am personally grateful to each one of you for your tremendous efforts, and all of us at BellaVita are grateful for the opportunity to work along side you. We wish you much success in the New Year, and as always May you truly have “BellaVita”, A Beautiful Life!

cameron-bottWith warmest regards,

Cameron Bott
Wakil Presiden, Operasional





Distributor Websites

Every Business has a Website, now you can have your own Website for your BellaVita business. It is very important that you set up your own gobellavita website via your team office at https://team.gobellavita.com/Login.aspx at your earliest convenience. Your own goBellaVita Website will allow you to do all of the following absolutely FREE! Read more about it below:

Distributor Website








January New Year Cash Promotion










New Year Cash Booster for Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and Singapore: For the Month of January all Preferred Customer Bonuses and Fast-Start Bonuses are being increased as follows:

PCB Weekly Bonuses
Normal Bonus: $50 Enroller
New Year Cash Booster: +$20 Enroller
Total: $70 Enroller

FSB Weekly Bonuses
Normal Bonus: $200 Enroller
New Year Cash Booster: +$80 Enroller
Total: $280 Enroller

All bonuses shown are in US Dollars.




Indonesia Pre-Launch January 1st 2014

BellaVita Opening Indonesia

BellaVita is Offering Pre-Launch Founders Positions in Indonesia Beginning January 1st 2014. BellaVita is bringing its breakthrough health and beauty products and its world class opportunity to Indonesia. Starting in January 2014 BellaVita will offer a special Pre-Launch Founders Package for a limited time to those who see the great vision of BellaVita’s future in Indonesia. For details on the BellaVita Pre-Launch Founders Package please click below:

January Indonesia Founding Member Offer



1月インドネシア 創始メンバーへのオファー





BellaVita e-Distributor Kit introduced

BellaVita provides a variety of tools designed to help you promote the wonderful benefits of BellaVita products and our Compensation Plan.

Your BellaVita Distributor Kit includes more than just the policies and procedures — the kit provides you with a showcase of helpful information critical to your promoting activities. In addition, the kit includes information on how to access the Back Office as well as your own replicated website. The Distributor Kit includes:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Simplified Prosperity Plan
  • Detailed Prosperity Plan
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Application Forms for Distributors and Members
  • Product Order Forms for Distributors and Members
  • Product Brochures for SanoVita and CertoBella
  • Price List (retail & wholesale)
  • BellaVita Wallpaper for computer and cell phone
  • Business card
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Distributor Website
  • Team Office
  • Enrollments
  • Payment System
  • Know your customers
  • 3 to get 3: Fast track to Supervisor Videos
  • Compensation Plan Training Videos
  • Gaio shouman (Japan only)



BellaVita Prosperity Plan Updates;
Supervisor and Manager Accumulation and New Travel Incentives

As you continue to put forward your effort to share health and prosperity of BellaVita with the world, we continue to devote our effort to provide you with the best reward incentives possible. Please click below for BellaVita Prosperity Plan Updates; Supervisor and Manager Accumulation and New Travel Incentives.

BellaVita Travel Incentives






BellaVita Christmas Party and Service Project

The first annual BellaVita home office Christmas party was held on December 13th. The home office team went to a local restaurant for an elegant dinner to celebrate Christmas. It was decided to combine the dinner with a service project to help local children in an abuse shelter. All employees and their guests were asked to bring one unwrapped toy to the home of Mike Brosnan where as a group we wrapped up all toys to be given to the children. It was a wonderful evening to gather together and do something nice for the children.


BellaVita CEO, Mike Brosnan wrapped Christmas presents for homeless children in a local shelter.

BellaVita Corporate employees wrapped Christmas presents for homeless children in a local shelter.




Wrapped presents ready to deliver to homeless children at a local shelter.


BellaVita Home Office Christmas dinner.




BellaVita Home Office 2014 Planning Session

BellaVita management team held a 2014 Planning Session discussed and brainstorming various issues and ideas to better service our Distributors.
























Home Office Prosperity Plan Training

To better serve our Distributors, the BellaVita management team held a Prosperity Plan training presented by the Vice President of Operations, Cameron Bott. The training discussed various details of the Plan so as to be most beneficial to our Distributors.



New to the BellaVita Home Office Team

We are very excited to announce our new addition to BellaVita family.


Li Hong (Cooper)
Wakil Presiden kawasan Asia Tengah dan Asia Tenggara

Sebagai seorang profesional yang telah memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 14 tahun dalam pemasaran jaringan, Cooper menghabiskan sebagian besar dari waktunya untuk membantu perusahaan tempat dia bekerja dalam segala aspek bisnis di pasar Asia. Dia memiliki kemampuan khusus dalam bidang perencanaan strategis untuk mengembangkan pasar baru, peluncuran produk, menciptakan program pelatihan yang efektif, menjadi pembicara dalam diskusi untuk semua tingkatan, membantu dan memberikan motivasi bagi para distributor dalam mencapai keberhasilan mereka. Selain itu, dia dikenal sebagai orang yang memegang teguh kata-katanya. Hal itulah yang membuat reputasi Cooper menanjak. Cooper meraih gelah Sarjana dalam Administrasi Bisnis,University of Utah. Cooper tinggal bersama keluarganya di daerah Salt Lake City, namun dia sering berkeliling Asia.


Jane Lin Jane Lin (Lin, Jui Chen),

Jane is an Accountant in the BellaVita Taiwan Office. She is currently attending the National Taipei College of Business majoring in Business Administration. Jane attends school on Friday and Saturday. She has 10-12 years of working experience in Accounting. Her previous employment was with Testifies Sheng Engineering Ltd. Her responsibilities included Office Administration and Accounting related matters. She was in charged of tenders and contracts related issues with government tender bulletin, processed banking transactions, and corporate document filing, etc.

Jane likes singing and reading. She has great interests in Finance. She enjoys enhancing her growth and knowledge by obtaining financial knowledge through reading various financial related materials on a daily basis to broaden her horizon in the knowledge of International Finance.