welcome_bannerCongratulations on becoming a BellaVita Distributor!

We extend to you our warmest welcome and hope your experience with us enhances your health and prosperity. We are grateful for your commitment to help others by sharing the benefit of BellaVita products and Prosperity Plan with the world.

Every Business has a Website, now you can have your own Website for your BellaVita business. It is very important that you set up your own gobellavita website at www.gobellavita.com at your earliest convenience. Your own goBellaVita Website will allow you to do all of the following absolutely FREE!

  1. Your personalized goBellaVita website / URL to which you may refer retail, preferred customers, and potential distributors to purchase and enroll through the site. In other words, you will have the opportunity to sponsor other Distributors in your business organization for which you may receive sales commissions. All of the commissions for enrollments and orders will be credited directly to your account.
  2. All of the information contained in the corporate website, including messaging, product information, and access to the entire document library.
  3. Research tells us how stories sell. In My Story Page where you may introduce yourself and share your stories to use Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset to attract buyers and potential Distributors and move them to act and avoid common roadblocks.

It is an excellent tool that is provided to you by BellaVita management team. We would like to encourage you to begin using it right away. Setting up your Distributor Website is fast and easy and only requires your Distributor ID number. For any problem accessing on your virtual office, we are anxious and waiting to help you. For all of your member service needs, please email or call us at

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We welcome you to our BellaVita family and look forward to serving you for many
years to come.


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