SanoVita 2Go

14 Botanicals. 7 Healing Benefits. 1 Superfood.

The first whole food beverage with 7 healing functions now in a more compact and easy to share packet. Never miss a day with the ease and subtlety of the new SanoVita 2Go packets. They go wherever you go.

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SanoVita 1 Bottle   $54.95


SanoVita 1 Box (3 bottles)   $149.95


SanoVita 2Go – 30 packets (1 Box)   $49.95


SanoVita 2Go  (2 Boxes)   $144.95



Q: How many packets should I take a day?
A: 2-3 packets is the suggested daily serving

Q: Is this the same formula as SanoVita?
A: Yes. This is the same great SanoVita formula that you know and love.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate SanoVita 2Go?
A: SanoVita 2Go does not need to be refrigerated. However, chilled Sanovita 2Go is a refreshing treat!

Q: How many packets are in a box of SanoVita 2Go?
A: 30 packets are included in one box of SanoVita 2Go.

Q. Can I take SanoVita 2Go with me in my carry-on luggage while flying?
A. Yes, many countries require liquids to be contained in a small clear plastic zip lock bag. Check requirements before traveling.