SanoVita Antioxidant Whole Food Beverage


5 Year Anniversary Edition

Now better than ever. SanoVita has a new improved taste, more antioxidant power, a new look & 100% Preservative free.


SanoVita is a functional beverage that provides a broad range of nutritional factors for many health concerns. SanoVita performs key functions to restore the body to its optimal healing state: Antioxidant protection, enzyme nutrition, anti-pathogenic, plant based essential “healthy” fats, and plant based collagen.

SanoVitaTM is the first whole food beverage to include:
• pure, concentrated, Olive leaf extract
(which contains pure concentrated oleuropein)
• pure Olive Oil in liquid form

Oleuropein is believed to be one of the most powerful antioxidants, which is ten times higher than that of green tea, and two times higher than that of CoQ10.

No more preservatives and no more fillers. 

Magnesium (as Magnesium Lactate Gluconate), Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate Lactate), Selenium (as Selenomethionine), Manganese (as Manganese Gluconate), Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate), Sodium    

Nutritional Oil Blend (Emulsified):
Acai Puree, Gum Arabic (Natural Plant Based Emulsifier), Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Proprietary Blend:
Blueberry Fruit Powder, VitaBerry® Hi ORAC Fruit Blend (Grape and Grape Seed Extract, Wild Blueberry and Wild Blueberry Extract, Raspberry and Raspberry Seed Concentrate, Cranberry, Prune, Tart Cherry, Wild Bilberry and Wild Bilberry Extract, Strawberry), Olive Leaf Extract, Acai Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Periwinkle Extract (Leaf), Grape Skin Extract, Lycopene, Rose Hips Extract, Resveratrol, Quercetin

Dark Juice Blend (Reconstituted):
Concord Grape Juice, Red Raspberry Juice, Blueberry Juice, Pomegranate Juice

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SanoVita 1 Bottle   $54.95


SanoVita 1 Box (3 bottles)   $149.95


More about SanoVita’s seven key functions:

Antioxidant Protection

Antioxidant Protection from the phytonutrients and phytochemicals found in many of the fruits and botanicals in SanoVita is possibly the main function of SanoVita. Antioxidants are well known and scientifically studied for their oxidation fighting properties. Oxidation in the human body (also known as “free radical” damage) is linked to disease, inflammation chronic pain and pre-mature aging. Antioxidants has been shown to neutralize the damaging effect of Free-Rad- icals in the human body.


Alkalizing Chelated Minerals

Most minerals are considered macro-nutrients and are hard for the body to absorb. Chelated Minerals are bonded to an amino-acid to breakdown the mineral into micro-nutrient size which is far more absorbable. The absorption of these minerals can create an alkalizing effect in the body system which is more resistant to bacteria, virus and even some disease.


Enzyme Nutrition

Since SanoVita is not high heat pasteurized the natural enzymes in the fruits and botanicals are preserved and “active” providing their intended benefits. Enzymes benefit the digestive system, allowing us to process our food more efficiently and absorb more of the nutrients available in SanoVita and in our diet.



Since SanoVita is a whole food puree from super fruits and botanicals it is therefore a concentrated food in a liquid state. A standard daily amount of SanoVita is equivalent in fiber to 3 to 5 servings of common fruits. Fiber is well known to be both heart and digestive system healthy.



Olive Leaf Extract has been researched and scientifically validated as having antimicrobial, antiviral and anti- bacterial properties. Olive Leaf Extract has been used for thousands of years to fight off pathogens.


Plant Based Essential “Healthy” Fats

The emulsified olive oil contained in SanoVita has omega 3 fatty acids. Research shows strong evidence that the omega 3 fatty acids can help lower triglycerides and blood pressure. There are studies showing that omega 3 fatty acids may help with other conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and omega 3 fatty acids are thought to play an important role in reducing inflammation throughout the body.


Plant Based Collagen

The Rose Hip found in SanoVita is a source of Plant Based Collagen. Collagen is known to improve cardio health, skin elasticity, hair strength, joint health and bone structure, just to name a few of its benefits.




The goal of BellaVita is to create the most nutrient dense product by using the purest ingredients to achieve the most direct effect.

SanoVita is produced in the most advanced facility. Each production stage provides perfect quality controlled product to ensure its quality and consistency. Strictly com- plying with FDA, GMP, CGMP, CGLP, cGD and HACCP guidelines.

Manufacturing Process Comparison

SanoVita Available brands in the market
Flash sterilized and no chemical preservative Chemical Preservative
Low temperature puree with active enzymes High temperature pasteurized sterilization with low active enzyme
Liquid – High absorption rate Low absorption with capsule powder form
Pureed whole fruit Extraction
Anti-Oxidant Fruit Blend Single Ingredient Compound
Pleasant Fruit Taste Not Known
Ingredients Scientifically Tested Not Known

Ingredient Analysis

SanoVita Available brands in the market
Seven Nutritional Functions Generally three or fewer function
Broad Spectrum of ORAC provides wider defense Unidirectional (or one-way) ORAC
ORAC Value 2,416 Most brands 1,000 or less
Chelated Trace Minerals; Trace Elements None or a small amount
Plant Based Collagen Generally none or animal based
Plant Based Omega 3 Generally none or animal based
Peel. Pulp, Seeds. Pit, or Core Extraction
125% Juice (concentrate or raw juice form) 10% to 100% concentrate

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.